Sunday, March 22, 2009


And Welcome to Old Spooky House......a blog that my brother, J, (and hopefully some others) will be helping out with. It stems from our love of the paranormal and also some common experiences we had living in a house owned by our mother. We both lived there at different times and experienced several things- some similar, some not.

So we'll leave the movie reviews and our other rantings and ravings to our individual blogs and talk about things like Ghosthunters, UFO's, personal experiences... basically anything paranormal.

To start out with, I'm going to post my reviews of the first two episodes of Ghosthunters (I have talked about my love of this show on my other blog, Mother Firefly's Faster Pussycats, and we had a lively debate about this show on my brother's blog, Project Blue, last year. It's one of my favorite shows of all time and I respect how they investigate and don't let their emotions/fears get the best of them.
Enjoy....and hopefully we'll have more stories and personal experiences posted soon.
Mother F.

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kick ass sis, posting now