Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Got Dreams to Remember......Unfortunately

I had an experience a few weeks ago that I ALMOST put on my other blog, but I thought it would be more appropriate here. I think (and hope) you'll agree, and I'm looking for some feedback....maybe a lively discussion...or even posts if you've had something similar happen. Grab your fuzzy bathrobe, getcha funky turban on, and make an alcoholic bevvie. Or two.

First off, have you ever woke in your dream....still in a dream? As in, you wake up, you think you're up and then bam! turns out you're still dreaming and then you wake up for real.

I've had this happen several times in my life. In just about all of them, it went down kind of like this.....I'm dreaming about whatever, and then I wake up and I think I'm going about my business..usually just doing something mundane, something I've done a hundred times before....but I find whatever I'm trying to do, I just can't quite -seem to do it right, or I can barely remember how to do it. Like operate a cash register, or use my computer. I keep trying and trying and getting REALLY frustrated but it just won't work. And many times (why I have NO idea) there's a friggin bright light coming from somewhere that's in my eyes, and I'm having a really hard time trying to see or even keep my eyes open. My frustration builds and builds, and then I wake up. For Real. Usually thankful it was fake and relieved it's over.

Well, this time I woke up- and figured out I was dreaming- and went through this cycle. The first part, the actual real dream, a relative of mine had passed and I decided instead of the funeral, I would plant flowers outside this person's house in my own way of honoring them. A lot of my fellow nursing students were there helping, and also one of my instructors. It was a very peaceful (although sad) dream. Then as we were finishing, I realized we weren't outside the deceased person's house, but my grandmother's house. She came outside and looked around and found a pinecone in her yard. She was all, I just threw this thing out of my yard! And picked it up and threw it in her neighbor's yard. And then her neighbor came out of his house and guess what, yeah celebrity guest star, Kevin Spacey. And he's all, I just threw this in your yard! And then laughs. And then the insanity started.

I 'woke' in my bed, thinking about the dream, and realized that Kevin Spacey was in my room, and apparently someone else was too, because I was like,what is Kevin Spacey doing here? Then my bedroom filled up with relatives and friends, and this other young pregnant woman was there too. And I kind of had this feeling,like I know this woman from somewhere. So I went up to her and asked who she was, and she said, I'm your cousin. I felt like a dumbass but I said, I'm sorry, I don't remember your name, and she said it was Gabrielle- but I still didn't know her. But I had a weird 'Lost' moment (they were going back and forth in time on the show the week I had this dream) that she was related to me, but somehow she was from my past or my future. Then suddenly the room gets really crowded, and I'm standing so close to her I'm touching her. My hand touches her belly and I say, do you want to know the name of your baby? His name is Jacob. (more proof Lost had infiltrated my brain) but once I said that, this 'thing' in her stomach starts to move in a way that was not natural and I swear I heard it GROWLING. I'm all, holy mutha, and then BAM! I wake up.

I 'wake' up to hear all these weird sounds coming from my living room, and I yell to see if it's Papa Cash....hoping it is...when my friend C_ busts in the room and says, don't worry, it's just J (another friend of ours from school), she just got off work and she's taking a shower. (like this made perfect sense). I'm all, whew, you won't BELIEVE the night i'm having, C. All these freaking dreams....and I start telling her and BAM!

Yes I wake up Again. And Again. And AGAIN.

In one of these other 'wake-ups', I ask my friend C (who was in four of the six false wake ups) if I'm finally back in 'real life'. To which she says Yes, like why are you asking. I said 'Are you SURE this is real life?" To which she says Um Yeah I'm Sure! so I say omg thank GOD......all relieved.....then of course that's short lived.

So I had the false relief of waking up SIX times before this was over. Needless to say say I was freakin exhaused. Not to mention entirely creeped out. And what's really weird is when this all ended, it was almost 630 am. And I also seemed to recall seeing the clock in one or more of my false wake ups, and according to the time I saw then, all this took place in less than TEN MINUTES. So did I 'wake' up enough to be aware of the time? I'm not sure.

Anyone else ever have a 'false' wake up that really weirded them out? Ever have more than one? Ever have this many?

Eagerly awaiting your response(s),
Mother Firefly


Jumbo's Lezis said...

I know I have had a dream where I woke up and was in another dream, but never did I experience groundhog day like that. I wonder if that is what people who are delusional or some mental breakdown experience. There life just seems to reset nonstop with different stories, always lightly intertwined. If you could be schizophrenic for a day, would you do it?

Mother Firefly said...

It was the first time that happened and I hope to god it's the last. It did feel a little like what it means to be crazy. Especially when I was running around asking if it was real life or not. That was scary.

And no to the schizophrenic part- at school we have a tape that you can listen to- and you can even try it in headphones and just try to go about your normal day- it mimics what it's like to hear voices and other things....pretty freaky and it was enough just to hear it on tape.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

i would like to hear that tape

willard said...

The only thing similar would be when I was 12 years old. I woke up and thought I heard my mom and dad in the basement so I went to investigate. Then I thought they called my name, so I went to the stairs and thought it was a bit odd that the lights were off, but turned them on and continued anyway. I got down there and went to the back where the washer and dryer were, well no mom and dad. Then the lights turned off and there was a sinister laugh in the front of me. Well it freaked me out, and I woke up, but I was in the basement, lights off and could still hear laughing. So, it was a bit disturbing at 12, sleep walking during a dream, residual left over laughter, and waking up in the same spot. Still creeps me out.

Mother Firefly said...

Thanks, Willard, you just made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. FREAKY!
I'll be watching some cartoons before bed to shake THAT one off.

And for my Bro- this isn't the tape we have at school, but this is something similar

Jumbo's Lezis said...

I think we are finding proof that Marlette is some portal to hell, lol. I too had a dream that had residual affects. I was having a dream while asleep upstairs in the marlette house. In the dream I was in a store similar to walmart, but it had hard wood floors. I was looking at bikes up on a rack when all of a sudden I fell backwards. I kept on falling and I could see things like lights flying past me. I then started to talk in a really deep voice, not sure what I was saying. When I woke up, or thought I did, my arms were crossed on my chest and I was still talking in the voice. I got scared but couldn't seem to stop, then withing seconds it was all over. I jumped up, my heart felt like it was going to come out my chest and sat on the edge of the bed. I was so scared I grabbed my brothers dog tags that had a cross on them, then ran downstairs and slept in the recliner. I took me a good hour to calm down and fall asleep again. It was probably the scariest dream I had ever had.

Mother Firefly said...

I don't know whether you believe that we may 'leave' our bodies when we sleep, but that sounds like what may have happened. Funny thing is - or not- we seem to have a lot of coincidences on this blog- I was going to write about that subject this weekend. I will add to this in a day or so.

harleygirl13 said...

I had one dream that I can not forget.T happened maybe 15 years ago at least. I know I told M about it.I was living in the Marlette house,I was sleeping in my bedroom and then I swear I woke up and there was a very loud roaring noise , I am not sure but it seemed to be outside my bedroom window and it was very bright outside. I couldn't move any part of my body I was laying on my back. I believe my hands were on my chest. It felt like someone was holding me down. It was so bright outside it was like a big spotlight shinning in the window. It seemed to last forever but may have only been a few minutes. I was so terrified. I couldn't speak or move. When it ended it was as abruptly as it started. I still was afraid to move and slowly moved my hands and then lay on my back for quite awhile before moving anymore. My mind was telling me to get out of the room but I was to afraid to leave the room. Finally I opened my door and peaked out the door. I couldn't make myself leave and check the rest of the house. What had happened to me was done in that room and as much as that terrified me I couldn't make myself go out either. This happened about 3 in the morning and there was no more sleeping that night. I just lay awake. To this day I can remember exactly how it felt the loud noise and bright lights and how scared I was.