Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This old house......

I dont have a lot of "scary" dreams, but when I do they usual focus on the paranormal and I usualy never see anything. 90% of my dreams take place in either the house in marlette or my grandma's old house in imlay city. The rest take place in either the house in Pennylvania that melissa and i lived in or an uknown place. Last night I had my first paranormal dream and it took place in the basement of our old house in North Branch. To me the house in NB is what I think of when i try to get that deep down "family" feeling, something I have never really been able to get since. I know things werent the best there, but it still has that feeling. NB is also were I met my shadow friend, that looked through the crack in my parents door every night after I ran into their room and slipped between them in bed. He was with me untill I was about 21, but over the years began to have more of an erie presence, then a peaceful one.


Mother Firefly said...

Uh- we just posted blogs about dreams less than TEN MINUTES APART.

Holy mutha

Mother Firefly said...

I know I've told you this before, but a lot of MY scary dreams take place at our grandpa's place. Interesting that yours take place at grandma's and mine there. also interesting that many of my good memories took place on the farm. yet it's the scene of most of my nightmares. go figure.

So what was the paranormal dream?

Also I vote for more shadow man stories!