Friday, March 27, 2009

More Dreams

Harleygirl (otherwise known as MOM) posted this as a comment to my post and I thought it should be a post of its own. I know this was significant to her so I thought we could talk about any other similar experiences. I had one in the same room that she did, I'll add that to the post later or as a comment.

I had one dream that I can not forget.It happened maybe 15 years ago at least. I know I told M about it.I was living in the Marlette house,I was sleeping in my bedroom and then I swear I woke up and there was a very loud roaring noise , I am not sure but it seemed to be outside my bedroom window and it was very bright outside. I couldn't move any part of my body I was laying on my back. I believe my hands were on my chest. It felt like someone was holding me down. It was so bright outside it was like a big spotlight shinning in the window. It seemed to last forever but may have only been a few minutes. I was so terrified. I couldn't speak or move. When it ended it was as abruptly as it started. I still was afraid to move and slowly moved my hands and then lay on my back for quite awhile before moving anymore. My mind was telling me to get out of the room but I was to afraid to leave the room. Finally I opened my door and peaked out the door. I couldn't make myself leave and check the rest of the house. What had happened to me was done in that room and as much as that terrified me I couldn't make myself go out either. This happened about 3 in the morning and there was no more sleeping that night. I just lay awake. To this day I can remember exactly how it felt the loud noise and bright lights and how scared I was.


Jumbo's Lezis said...

Sounds almost alien.

Marlette is where I had my first and only UFO experience. I witnessed it with about 10 other people including local police. There were called out because the neighbor lady thought someone was hurt, the way we were all screaming in the front yard. It took place on Lorain street and lasted about one hour. I even called my mom to come see it and bring the camera, but she decided to sit in bed. I believe i was about 14 maybe 15, hmmm that was about 15 years ago.

willard said...

I remember that we all came to school the next day and it was buzzing about how we all saw the same thing. We were going home on white creek road at the time and there were cars pulled over the side of the road and people were talking to each other trying to figure it all out. Now there were news stories that you can still find online stating that it was f-16's coming out of selfidge ang base letting out flairs, but I have seen that and that is not what I saw some 15 years ago.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

I agree, although I cannot personal say I have seen flares, but this wasnt it. You get that feeling deep down that your seeing something unexplainable. This was definitely something not from around here.

Mother Firefly said...

I think the UFO story needs a post of its own. Didn't it make the paper? I used to work with someone who saw it too.