Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ghosthunters - Season Five episode 2

And we’re off to Star Island! It was settled in the 1600’s and used to be a port – now it’s a resort that closes down in winter. Another historical place- but this time we have lots of first hand experiences along with the anecdotal stuff. It’s huge- they’re going to check out two smaller buildings and the employee sleeping quarters.

The girls go to check out the cottage where a little boy lived who died from falling on the rocks outside, and supposedly people are getting pushed down the stairs by ‘little hands’. Oooh. They check the stairs with a level, and find out they’re all crazy built. Turns out people are probably just getting vertigo. Oh well. Then they hear something and decide to check the recorder- but whoops, the battery went dead. And it was new. And then the camera goes out. Interesting.

J and G investigate several places, hear some noises they can’t explain, and debunk the rattling of pots and pans in one of the cabins. They try to antagonize the spirit of a man who has been seen in the cabin, with no luck. J even says ‘Hawes Out’ when they decide to give up on that particular place. Haha. The evidence finds one really creepy EVP, a door closing, and footsteps caught on tape. A pretty good investigation, fun to watch.

Now it’s off to a castle…..Kimball Castle in New Hampshire to be exact. Apparitions, sounds are reported by the owners….even disembodied sounds of horses in the stable. Ghosts of horses…now that’s a new one. Thank god they weren’t pig noises. Shiver. (Amityville Horror was one of the first things that really scared the sheebeebus out of me as a little kid, and if I heard disembodied pig sounds, I’d run home screaming to my mama. Anyway..)

Jay and Grant find a small image on the thermal, which Dave thinks later is a rodent. They debunk a door that opens and closes, and…that’s about it. The spirits, if they are in the castle, don’t want to come out and play tonight. Fist bump! And we’re done.

Battery Drain: One
EVPs: One
Evidence caught on film: One
- debunked as 'rodent'
Times Jay says 'Hawes Out'- One
Times Jay was looking like a Sexy MF- Lost Track
Plumbing done: NONE! WTF?


Jumbo's Lezis said...

two episodes and no plumbing, wtf, i like the super hero side of them, just regular plumbers and then blam!!!!!!! GHost Hunters!!!!!!! By the way, Paranormal State is a bunch of BSSSSSSS

Mother Firefly said...

Thank god they're leaving the part in the intro where they morph from Roto Rooter into TAPS, it makes my day. But I miss the paranormal discussions while they pass wrenches back and forth.

I never thought about the 'Super Hero' aspect of it, that's probably why I like it. I'm freaky like dat!

Haven't watched Paranormal State