Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ghosthunters - Season Five episode 1

Well, the beginning of the fifth season of Ghosthunters is upon us, and I have forgotten TWO weeks in a row to watch it. AND SciFi doesn’t repeat the episodes on any other night. What’s up with that, SciFi? Take a hint from Vh1- if I happen to miss an ep of Rock of Love Bus, I only have about fifty chances to catch it later in the week. Oh well, fret no more, thank the Gods for, they post the last five episodes of us to watch. Whee!

So since trying to watch ‘I’m Not There’ last night ended up with me falling asleep early last night, I’m up at 7 am on a Sunday checking out the first ep. We start out at the Hannum House, a home in Pennsylvania that was built in the 1600’s. They find a couple of creepy EVPs are found, and I find out that this show STILL creeps me out even on a bright sunny morning. We end with a J and G fist bump and it’s on to the Betsy Ross house.

Right away Steve is saying that Tango already asked him who Betsy Ross was. Tango is all, Did Not! Haha. I love Tango. I’m not hopeful about this investigation, none of the stories about paranormal activity are especially exciting, and most of them are second hand. Even the room called the ‘spookiest’ only has a story that someone passed away there and second hand anecdotes. Ooookay. I’m thinking we’re just here because it’s a historical place.

Fear Cage in the basement! You can watch the show for more explanation of a Fear Cage, but it’s a place of high electromagnetic fields caused by wires, etc….basically not paranormal, but the EM fields can cause feelings of paranoia and even hallucinations. They hear a couple of unexplained voices or moans while investigating, which they catch on tape.

And we’re done! Not a great first ep but great to see the fellas back in action again………..we end with a J and G fist bump and it’s on to the second episode! Thanks, fellas. Love ya!

EVPs: Two

Evidence caught on film: Zero

Voices heard: Two

Plumbing done: Zero (WTF, Sci-Fi????)

Fear Cage! One

Scenes with Tango doing an impersonation of a buzzing sound: One


Jumbo's Lezis said...

Hold on, Im about to BLAB BLAB BLAB

I bet the fear cage accounts for a lot of paranormal feelings. I cant use the term disappointing first episode, because this is the aspect I like most about GH, but there wasn't a lot going on.
Doesn't Jason have a perfect shaved head? I am waiting for the one day that G&J get the video the entire world is waiting for. This is my official "Im Sorry" for jumping on the band wagon last season.

Mother Firefly said...

I love the whole Fear Cage explanation, for instance, I HATED the basement in our old house - parts of it just made me ill to be down there. And with the exception of one paranormal episode- which wasn't scary- I can't say I had too many down there. just didn't like the way it felt. Too bad I can't get J and G to go back there and check it out. But I would be a dork, once they said 'what you have here is a classic case of Fear Cage, Ma'am', i would be all jumping up and down and yelling, FEAR CAGE! FEAR CAGE! YES!

And then they wouldn't go out to dinner with me after. So I could look at J's perfect bald head.

I'm fine with a slow start to a great show. I love to watch it, even if they don't find anything. It's always good. I'm going to keep an eye out for when the spooky happenings are first hand or second hand, and see where they get more stuff.

I will accept your apology on behalf of J and G.
You may proceed with watching season 5 now.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

I accept your acceptance on behalf of accepting my apology for J & G.

Funny you mentioned the old house, I was going to mention it in a post. First i had to put the second GH on hold to watch lost.