Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ghost Adventures

The last one, were the axe murders took place, was by far one of the BEST ones

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Walking Dead Tonight - SPOILER

So we get to see some new characters who stat we are in day 194 of "Wildfire". It could be when they found the disease, not sure it means thats how long the apocalypse has been going. Looks like the next episode is going to get into were the rest of the world stands.

Did anyone get a little "Lost" sensation when the guy was doing the video transmission and again when the door opened up?

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has been a dream come true in regards to TV shows. I didn't think it could get in better, but it did. I love music and I also love John Murhphy's work, you may know him as the composer to 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later and Sunshine. I was very excited to hear his music in the last episode of Walking Dead, it has the ability to bring a scene beyond what it is.

One of his pieces from Sunshine:

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ghost Adventures

The last couple were really good

Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 14th, 2010

Had a dream about the house in Marlette last night. I was there with Ryan W, it was night time and seemed like Halloween. The house was laid out just as it used to be, except for the front door had a heavy metal screen door instead of the flimsy one it normally has. I was sitting at the kitchen table talking to Ryan, before he headed out to the front porch. I think he was going outside to meet someone. I was walking into the living room heading towards the master bedroom when I heard this really loud screeching noise (sounded like a cat, but you could tell someone was making the noise) coming from outside. I opened up the main door and cracked open the screen door to ask Ryan what the noise was. He told me its coming from across the street. We then saw someone run out from behind a bush and I yelled there he was. At this moment i felt something touch my back, I turned around and a puppy came between my legs. I asked the puppy if he was jumping up on me and then I realized there should not be a dog there. I said out loud "where the hell did you come from", at this time something directed my attention to the kitchen. Crouched down next to the cabinet between it and the side door was someone wearing all black and a hood. It spooked me bad and I went for the front door to go outside with ryan. As I reached for the door I accidentally closed it and stumbled backwards into the door into the master bedroom. As I was falling the lights slowly went out and I yelled, not sure if I yelled outside of the dream.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Buck Stops Here

Cough....cough......just cleaning out some of the spiderwebs and dustbunnies around this place so Mama can break this news hot off the press.....

Take a deep breath, my friends.

Ghost Adventurers, Paranormal Cops, my hot Ghost Hunter friends, and my even HOTTER friend Josh over at Destination Truth.....

They can all retire now.

Because now, FINALLY, comes the end-all be-all FINALword in paranormal activity - surely an expert for the ages.......


Oh yeah. You heard me.


From MsnTV:

Billy Ray Cyrus and son starring in paranormal reality show

Billy Ray Cyrus is returning to the small screen with another member of his family: He's teaming up with son Trace for a reality show about conspiracy theories involving paranormal phenomena.

Now he's signed a deal with the Syfy network to star on "UFO: Unbelievably Freakin' Obvious," which will see the singer and 21-year-old Trace traveling cross-country to investigate unexplained activity.

The Cyrus patriarch tells Variety, "The existence of paranormal phenomena is something I've always wanted to explore further. Getting the opportunity to take this adventure with my son, who has always had a keen interest in this area, is a dream come true.

"I hope this series can shine a light on some of the activities we have questioned, and the mysteries that have long inspired us."

I almost feel like I can't make fun of this because it's too FREAKIN' easy.
Myself, I've always questioned the mystery of why Billy Ray became such a big star, why people liked that dumb-ass song of his so much, and why we JUST CAN'T GET THIS GUY TO GO THE HELL AWAY ALREADY.
Maybe someone will give me a TV show.......
Mother Firefly

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ghost Hunters Academy

Or, as I almost called this post, 'Someone Peed in Steve's Cheerios This Morning'.

Ghost Hunters Academy (aka what I have to watch in place of Destination Truth while it's on hiatus) premiered last night and I'm kind of torn about what I think of the show. While I thought it was kind of fun to watch newbies learn the ghosthunting ropes, something about it didn't sit right with me.

Remember this fun lovin' dude who liked to play jokes on Tango and sit around in Miami and try to come up with words in Spanish to call the ghosts?Well, forget it, because he's now been replaced by this sour faced guy:
Yep. Get used to that face. You're gonna see it a lot.

We start out with the new recruits at the TAPS Headquarters:
Yippee, G & J are here!
Boo, not for long though.......They tell the recruits good luck and to learn from Steve and Tango....and work really hard, because if they mess up, they'll be gone. Rule # 1: Only Grant and I do the plumbing on this show, and NOBODY gets to be sexier than me.

After a brief intro, we're on our way and the recruits learn we're going to Fort Mifflin, PA. Dave and Tango are going to take the group on a tour before the ghost hunt, but one of our new friends, Heathyr, decides she's going to skip the tour. She says she's a medium and prefers not to have too much information so it doesn't 'influence' her findings.yeah, I think I'll hang back and miss out on the WHOLE EXPLANATION OF WHAT WE'RE GOING TO DO....yeah, I think that's a GREAT move for me at this point...
You so done just effed up................

Later, Dave is giving the recruits a run down of what they're going to do next and doesn't think they're listening. When he asks them to repeat the instructions, Susan bravely tries to recite it back while the rest of her friends just sit there with their mouths shut. And what does she get for being the only person to answer Dave's question?
You get to be my tape BEE-YATCH.

He's all ticked because he said she tried to B.S. her way out of it and didn't really know the answer. Which, fine, that's what she did.......but because she was the only one who even ATTEMPTED to answer his question, she gets punished by having to tape down all the wires? Ohhhhhhhhhkay, Mr. Twisted Logic.

So everyone breaks into teams and Chris and Carl head out to the casemate. They sit and do an EVP session and it seems like they're doing an okay job..... but nope, Dave and Tango decide that it's stupid for them to sit next to each other, and it would make more sense for them to sit across from each other. Of course, this is information of the utmost importance, so they head out to tell Ben and Carl so they can do it right. Chris (soon to be the group's resident KissAss) tells S & T that's it's genius tips like this that make them the Awesome Dudes that they are, which gets a HUGE reaction from Steve:ahahahaha...You have just figured out the way to my HEART is by kissing my ASS!

Next are Susan and Ben doing an EVP session and investigating the magazine. They wander around and then decide they're done and head off to change some tape. The next thing we see, they're sitting outside some building chatting. You know this ain't gonna go down good with S & T, and of course they head over to ask them what the hell they're doing:
They really don't have a good answer, and Susan can't even think of the name of the place they just investigate. This is pretty silly - if they really just stopped to hang out and chat, it's probably the one time that they deserve Steve to go off on them.

The second night, Heathyr and Chris are investigating when they suddenly smell cigarette smoke. They check back with base to make sure nobody is smoking (they aren't), and S&T head out to check out their finding. They admit to smelling it too, and then Steve says the smell is more like an old fashioned hand rolled cigarette than something modern out of a pack....Chris (he's the KissAss, remember?) is quick to agree, that Oh yeah, Steve is totally right, it sure DOES smell EXACTLY like a rolled cigarette!

When Steve admits that he just made it up -
So that he could demonstrate how easy it is to influence people through the power of suggestion.

Later, it's discovered that Karl and Ben accidentally left a digital recorder in one of the rooms. They try to pass it off as being on purpose, but of course D & T bust them. Then Uncle Dave comes down with the big lecture on 'trusting each other', and being at 'face value 100% of the time'.
Ooookay. Hold that thought, please.

Next we have Susan and Heathyr in one of the rooms where the spirits of a little girl and woman have been seen. Susan starts to claim that she doesn't feel good and is starting to feel overwhelming sadness. Heathyr says that in her experience, spirits sometimes pass on emotions that they feel as a way of communicating. But Susan can't handle it, and has to leave so that she isn't 'paralyzed with agonizing sadness'.
Which as we all know, is very DANGEROUS INDEED.I think my hand is permanently attached to my face due to agonizing sadness!

Now Susan admits that she's actually an empath, or a medium, or something, and that she didn't want to tell anyone so that she would be taken seriously:And running out of an investigation, leaving your team member alone, and crying in the TAPS motorhome will go a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng way towards you being taken seriously.

Then, oh yeah, they analyze shit. They find some things that S & T debunk and some EVPs that S & T congratulate them on. Amazingly enough, Steve is pretty decent and gives them tips on how to tell an EVP from what are probably just other sounds in the room.
Tango is nice enough to interpret that this face 'means it's good'! Thanks, Tango!

They do get one creepy EVP that sounds like Ben's first and last name....brrrrrrrr!

Then it's time for a one on one shakedown, er "performance review" with Susan.
D & T confront her for leaving Heathyr and not being honest about being an empath or sensitive whatever the hell she's calling herself.

Steve AGAIN brings out the whole 'being honest and truthful 100% and up front and at face value at ALL TIMES'. But they all agree to start with a clean slate and blah blah blah it's all good.........

Until Steve wraps up the episode saying that right now he doesn't see anyone that has potential to join the team. I'm just guessing, maybe it's because they're not 100% honest and up know, all that truthfulness and being up front.....just like Steve demonstates by LYING about the cigarette smoke smelling like 'hand rolled' so that he could make the recruits look like idiots.

Mr. Twisted Logic, indeedy.

Sigh. Is it March yet?
-Mother Firefly