Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 14th, 2010

Had a dream about the house in Marlette last night. I was there with Ryan W, it was night time and seemed like Halloween. The house was laid out just as it used to be, except for the front door had a heavy metal screen door instead of the flimsy one it normally has. I was sitting at the kitchen table talking to Ryan, before he headed out to the front porch. I think he was going outside to meet someone. I was walking into the living room heading towards the master bedroom when I heard this really loud screeching noise (sounded like a cat, but you could tell someone was making the noise) coming from outside. I opened up the main door and cracked open the screen door to ask Ryan what the noise was. He told me its coming from across the street. We then saw someone run out from behind a bush and I yelled there he was. At this moment i felt something touch my back, I turned around and a puppy came between my legs. I asked the puppy if he was jumping up on me and then I realized there should not be a dog there. I said out loud "where the hell did you come from", at this time something directed my attention to the kitchen. Crouched down next to the cabinet between it and the side door was someone wearing all black and a hood. It spooked me bad and I went for the front door to go outside with ryan. As I reached for the door I accidentally closed it and stumbled backwards into the door into the master bedroom. As I was falling the lights slowly went out and I yelled, not sure if I yelled outside of the dream.


Mother Firefly said...

Interesting. I've also been dreaming about this house a lot recently. Most of the time Mom is there. Almost always there is a bad or a sad feeling associated with the house. This last time the backyard was filled with animals that needed food or attention and I was wondering what I was going to do with them all.

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