Sunday, November 28, 2010

Walking Dead Tonight - SPOILER

So we get to see some new characters who stat we are in day 194 of "Wildfire". It could be when they found the disease, not sure it means thats how long the apocalypse has been going. Looks like the next episode is going to get into were the rest of the world stands.

Did anyone get a little "Lost" sensation when the guy was doing the video transmission and again when the door opened up?

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Mother Firefly said...

I watched almost all the episodes back to back and then finally saw the last one about a week ago. Thank goodness with my unreliable DVR that this is one of the things that actually did record. (I'm finding several missed episodes of GA!!)
The show was amazing in that it was the same old story with a lot of the same old situations but it managed to still be compelling, scary and original. Loved it. Can't wait till season 2.
And you're right, there was a little 'Lost' going on there too.