Friday, March 27, 2009

Hekla Vs. Marlette

We have all had our fair share of oddness in this town; odd dreams, many a ghost story, and strange lights in the sky. Not to mention the strange behavior of some of the residents. This has happened to me more times than I can count, and later we can go into further detail about that. What I am referring to is the “shadow” people phenomenon. Now like I said, I have had experiences with these little, slinky things for quite a long time (they always reminded me of the ghosts in the cartoon jeepers creepers, but black and not quite as humorous). The most recent account was about a month ago. I was outside on the deck at about one in the morning and something caught my eye. There were two of them, about 50 yards away, coming towards me. I got a little nervous, but then they took off towards the apartments down the road. Now, the reason I am posting this is my theory behind these little nuisances. Now granted, people have had many a theory about these little things, for instance, your imagination running wild, ghosts, shadows of ghosts, demons or other spiritual type entities, aliens, time travelers, out of body experiences, and/or the different dimension thing. Well, I’m not sure where they come from, but from my experiences with them, I have a theory about why we see them. Now, every person emits some sort of energy field. And at any given time that field can change from a positively charged field, to a negatively charged field and vice versa. For some, this can be your aura, maybe chi, and polarity is another example, but either way I don’t think this is a stretch. I also think, even with all this “positive thinking gives positive results” self help stuff that has flooded the media, it is still much easier to have a negative energy field about you than that of positive. You have to work to be positive all of the time, and don’t have to work that hard to have a negative energy. Well anyway, I digress. My point is, I don’t think shadow people are evil, or good. I believe they feed off of the energy of us. To survive they, need a little bit of our energy to go on, and since there seems to be more negative energy in this place we call earth, it is just easier for them to go that route. Now, back to the story in the beginning. Three days after I saw the two slink off to the apartments, I found out that there was a mother of three that was taking pictures and videotaping herself doing things with her kids. Maybe a coincidence, but like I said before, I have had similar experiences with our friendly “shadow” people before. I am starting to ramble now, it might be because it is late and I talk too much, but I just wanted to know anybody else’s input on this subject. Has anybody had similar experiences or different theories on the subject. Just wanted to know. Maybe marl is a portal to hell.


Jumbo's Lezis said...

I cant say I have seen shadow people out and about. I will be writing about my shadow friend whom I had for years, also in regards to a shadow we saw at a cemetery in North Branch, Ryan (willard) was with us that night, he actually drove the getaway car. I do think there is something with marlette, the town is old and has something very strange going on underneath it.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

some shadow people caught on high school motion cam

Mother Firefly said...

There is something to be said about Marlette, I never had more unexplained phenomena, weird dreams, you name it - in one place. Even places that creeped me out a lot more- the basement in NB, my grandpa's upstairs-can't say that anything REALLY happened in those places other than I didn't like them.

The only time I saw a shadow person was at the Oriental Theater here in Milwaukee, in one of the smaller theaters (I believe it was the one to the left of the main)

It was during MIFF a couple of years ago, I saw it go along the wall- thought it was a shadow of a person till I realized that nobody was standing, and that there's no aisle there- maybe six inches inbetween the chairs and the wall. MAYBE a very thin person could wiggle in there, but no way could they move with the smoothness and speed this did. It didn't actually scare me at all (hard to believe), I look for it every time I go back.

Anyone else in Milw that has seen something in the Oriental?