Friday, September 4, 2009

Destination Truth

Destination Truth

September 9th at 10/9c

I have always like this show, this starts the third season and I suggest getting your tivo ready. They have had some really good ghost stuff, check out the Mt Fiji one, where people commit suicide and they find a recent death. Jason and Grant from GH are going to join them this year on a couple paranormal ones, so should be good. Josh Gates, the host does the GH Live shows on Halloween.

Led by intrepid world-adventurer Josh Gates, each episode of Destination Truth takes viewers on a trek across the globe as Josh investigates stories of the unexplained. Accompanied by his small crew, Josh dives into the local cultures and searches for clues to the existence of strange creatures and paranormal phenomena."


Mother Firefly said...

This Sunday there is a marathon... also showing is your Mt.Fiji
episode. My DVR is set.....I'm so happy my technology finally caught up with this century.

Also in my DVR is Ghost Adventures......did you see last week? It was killah......

Jumbo's Lezis said...

gonna have to watch it. did you get my spooky pencil video

Mother Firefly said...

OMG TOTALLY forgot about that! I didn't get it but that just made me even more scared. Most fucked up pencil ever.