Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Orb

I thought I'd post something of a more personal's not going to bring any major paranormal revelations but the way that it happened was pretty cool.

I like to hang out with my friends and talk to dead people. Well, our spirit guides, usually. We talk to them and record it and take lots of pictures. During this particular session earlier in the summer, we were talking to my SG and I was taking pictures. I had taken at least a half dozen - all in the same spot- with nothing showing up. Then I resorted to begging and saying Please, please, give me something - anything on my camera. Right after I said that, I took another picture and got this:
Cute, ain't he?

Think what you will - I know it wouldn't impress Jay or Grant - but given the fact that I took a half dozen pictures before and after this showed up- and THIS is what I got RIGHT after I asked him to give me some kind of evidence that he was there- it means a lot to me.

I also have this picture from last summer. My friend and I were having a session and her husband was there. He had never joined in and we were discussing past lives - and also the fact that he's always felt that he had a life in which he died by fire in some way. I took a lot of pictures that night and I didn't discover this till I got home.

And a close up.....
I can't say what is but nothing even close to that - or anything else unusual even turned up that night.

If my fellow bloggers have any weird or unusual pictures of their own, post em!


Jumbo's Lezis said...

I think the red thing is a portal into a new world

Mother Firefly said...

I was flipping it around on my screen the other night and I swear if you turn it on its one side horizontally it almost looks like a huge bonfire with people standing off to the side.