Sunday, September 27, 2009

He's Right There!

First off a note about my house, it has skylighting throughout and one of those is located in the kids bathroom. This last saturday I had sent Hailie into the bathroom to go potty before bed. She called me in and I found her standing in the middle of the bathroom looking up at the ceiling. She said "look at that daddy, right there". So I looked expecting to see a bug or leaf, something on or near the skylighting, I saw nothing. I looked back to her and asked what it was. She pointed to the skylighting and said "right there daddy, dont you see him, he is looking at us. he is right there". So now I am afraid to look back at the celiing, instead i look at her again and say "come on silly. is it a zombie!!!" (knowing my daughter loves zombies and likes to play a game in the car where everyone is zombies and we have to shoot them). Thinking she would look at me and laugh, give me a great big hug and run out. Instead she looked at me, didnt laugh, didnt smile and with a straight face, pointed back up and said, "he's right there, in the corner, with bunny ears"


Mother Firefly said...

I don't even have words.

As to how much Hailie loves zombies,

You need a K2 meter, stat!

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Thats what she wants to be for Halloween, a bloody zombie.

Mother Firefly said...

I will HAVE to see some pictures of that. Too bad she can't see the zombie walk here in a couple weeks. If I go, I will take pictures.

harleygirl13 said...

We all know kids can see them better than us!! There is a Zombie walk in Royal Oak 10/11 at 3pm start time. Should be fun! Should take her to it!!!