Friday, September 11, 2009

Don't Know Much about History

But I do know that the Underground Railroad did not actually have train our good friend and ghosthunter Steve did NOT on an older episode of GH. This episode revolves around another part of history, the Civil War.
Can I ride the train when we get there, Grant? Can I? Can I?

We don't have time to do any plumbing this episode, people. We're gonna get right into it. They're off to a place where spirits have been seen, including a little girl. It's the Thornbury Farm in Pennsylvania. It was built in 1709 and the Battle of Brandywine was fought on the property, apparently the largest land battle of the American Revolution. Surgeries were done in the house and an armless man has been seen in the house. Of course we also have footsteps that are heard and a young girl died there. She's buried outside even. One woman claims to have heard her moaning and it freaked her out so bad she left the house. There's another house on the property that used to hold soldiers and they think a prankster ghost hangs out there who moves tools and slams doors and funny things like that.

I don't think Jay and Grant find that amusing.

J & G start out in the main room and hang out and talk to spirits.
Do I see the you-know-what glowing?

Just about as soon as they start, the moaning starts. Yeah, the kind of moaning that would be MY cue to get the Eff out, but not my fellas. Nope, they're all on it and asking for it to happen again - which brings on footsteps from up above and more moaning. Up above them happens to be the little girl's room. They wonder if what they heard wasn't moaning but a child crying.

It must be J & G's night because they are getting all the love from the spirits. They go into the spring house with prankster ghost and the flashlight clipped onto Jay turns on by itself. Not only that, but once he takes it off and asks the ghost to do it again, it happens not only a second time on demand, but a third.

The guys say that it's a push button flashlight and also that in all the years of investigating, this light has never come on by itself. It's also hard to turn on at times and each time it's turned on, the guys touch it and it's ice cold. FUN!

Even the owner is impressed.

Added to the fun is that an EVP that sounds like a chuckle turns up while this is going on.

The second case is in Alexandra, Virginia at the Lee-Fendall House and G. Washington apparently visited there a few times. Jay can't make it on the case due to 'Family Obligations'. What about MY needs, Jay??

The house was used as a hospital during the Civil War and is now a museum. People heard a 1930's phone ring when there wasn't one. I don't know how they knew it was from the 30s but they did. People have felt a presence, heard people on the stairs, and a woman and a child have been seen on the servant stairs (which are tiny and freaking spooky!)

Grant takes Steve up to one of the room to some EVP and K2 work. They hear some creaking from a cabinet next to them when they start asking questions, and get some blips on the K2, but...................Nothing.

Tango and Kris also have a false alarm - thinking that a door opens on its own but then Amy and Britt fess up to using the door. Dangit!

Grant and Steve try to stir up some spirits in another part of the house but NOTHING.

Amy and Britt find that the EMF readings are pretty high throughout the house - which faithful GH watchers and Spooky House readers will immediately recognize as a.....................FEAR CAGE! They go in the cellar and find all kinds of exposed wiring.

Without Jason around to go snowmobiling or whatever, Grant decides to take a nap while helping to analyze the evidence......or lack thereof as it happens...


In the end....
Lady, you have the Most. Boring. House. Ever.
But you know what, this is part of why I love my fellas so much.......sometimes nothing happens. At least we had fun at the first investigation. Here's hoping next week kicks butt!

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