Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

Our TAPS boys are back with an all new episode this week….and it’s a doozy!

And not just because the new episode starts with …………..


Woman, I am trying to get my plumb on here!!!!

Kris has a case lined up in Massachusetts – it’s a residence and these people are all kinds of freaked out. On to the La Doucheur residence…..

Grant notices right away that the family is in the middle of renovations….and as we all know, HOME IMPROVEMENT = GHOSTS ARE PISSED

In fact, Mama LaD says lately activity has increased and gotten more physical. She claims to be sitting on the couch one day when it was hit hard enough to move. They have also heard loud bangs in the basement and her son claims to have seen a black shadow man that ran at him. Daddy LaD also says he’s heard growls by his bed and there’s been all kinds of crazy activity in the bedroom closet (which has a crawlspace).

Jay and Grant ask if they can get all up in the crawlspace and check that out as well..

You two can get up in my space anytime

Kris and Amy get down in the basement and have started doing EVPs for all of ten seconds when they hear a voice loud enough to be picked up by the GH film crew as well. They stop the tape and wait, whoa, one of the freakiest EVPs ever comes out…. PLEASE HELP ME


Amy thinks that maybe the entity was trying to reach out and make contact and possibly inadvertently scared the son. Can I just say right now that if someone on the other side ever needs my help, a good way to NOT get it would be TO CHARGE MY ASS IN A DARK CREEPY BASEMENT.

J and G head down to the basement and immediately identify that the loud banging sounds are due to the forced hot air system in the basement. Debunked!

They get out the nifty K-2 meter (I want one!) and start talking to the spirit. They have a fairly long interview with the spirit, which I won’t spoil for you here – you really need to check out this episode if you haven’t already. But here’s a little preview:

Am I the sexiest TAPS member? Light up once for yes

Just kidding….the questions are actually of the more serious variety and we find out that the spirit in the basement is kinda scared of this other ‘thing’ in the house. It also says that it comes in through the crawlspace……so J & G immediately decide to go on up (where as I would be getting out the bricks and mortar and SEALING THAT MOTHA UP)

J & G get into the crawlspace and immediately think they hear a growl. Of course, like all good ghosthunters, they immediately start taunting the mean spirit to get it to react. All of a sudden Grant’s camera goes dead and Jay’s left calf gets cold….then hot……and then bam


But J & G take the whole incident with a ‘Is that all you got, Beeyotch?” and decide what is in the house is just a mean old spirit that wants to scare people, not an inhuman entity.

You mean I got a demon wanna be up in this motha?

In the second investigation, TAPS also visits the Brentsville Historic Center in Virginia. Some dude meets J & G and tells them all the stories about the place, like faces in the window, a male voice that says mean things, and mists.

We also learn a new ghosthunting term, the ‘funhouse effect’ which causes disorientation due to crooked walls and/or floors. J & G hear some knocks above them and ask the spirit to knock again if it doesn’t want them there – and then they hear more noise above them.

New Ghosthunting tool – just lift up your Grant and rotate him to look around in high spaces.

This investigation wasn’t as crazy as the first one – but they find a couple things, so it’s worth checking out.

I’d also like to recommend an episode from last season that’s still available on Hulu.com. It’s called Titanic Terror – I didn’t review this episode but it was the best from the first half of the season by far. Watch it soon – only about 5 episodes are available at a time – so it’ll probably be available for another week or so.

Mother Firefly


Jumbo's Lezis said...

I wanna see some crazy demon shit, throwing stuff, biting people. I was getting use to watching Steven shamelessly promote GH, but now Jason has to wear their shirts?

Mother Firefly said...

I don't know how I feel about the demon thing. Hard for me to get behind an idea like that when I've never experienced anything like it. However, I do believe that there are people who can stir up enough energy (or suck it out of the air or however they do it) that they attract things like that. Who knows, maybe they create it themselves subconsciously. I have known people who just seem to have more than their share of paranormal experiences that they interpret as 'evil'. Who knows, maybe they're just nuts. I'm of the very strong opinion that any entity in spirit cannot really harm us. I think I've certainly been open to spirit activity almost all of my life and not once have I ever felt 'attacked' by one.

I think they all wear the shirts every week pretty much.