Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ghosthunters In Miami

And it's time for Episode Four of Season Five....we don't get to start off with plumbing again (Dammit!) but we have second best, the TAPS meeting at headquarters:

Hey, Kris, give us a hint about where we're headed to this week.....
Party in the city where the heat is on
All night on the beach till the break of dawn
This the type of town I could spend a few days in
Miami the city that keeps the roof blazin

That's right, we’re going to Miami, Florida to the Cuban Club….and then to The Trelles Clinic.

We get the background on the place and J and G can’t wait to head down south to warm weather. It’s a big place so they call Britt to come along.

J & G get their serious plumbing faces on.

Some woman tells her story of seeing a male ghost there often, and the tour guide tells them that she wont go in the theater at night, because an actor hung himself her there. It creeps her out and makes the hair on her arms stand up. (I’m going to call it right now – Fear Cage!) It’s her only personal experience. She also tells them she has heard footsteps coming from the ballroom. And some people have seen a lady in white and a little boy playing with a ball there. Hmm….That’s a lot of secondary information.

Kris (EC to my bro) and Amy go to the ballroom and provoke the spirits. That seems to do the trick and a noise comes from the corner. but they can’t find an explanation so they ask J & G to check it out. G tries to walk on the roof to see if that makes noise downstairs but it doesn’t.

it's fun to tease spirits!!!!

He also finds that the buil.ding is close to electrical wires and there’s all other kinds of wiring inside the ballroom putting off some crazy EMFs....

Okay, Let me explain this Fear Cage thing one more time…..

Score! Did I call it or did I call it?

Wait, what’s this? Suddenly J is out- he’s not feeling well and he’s going to leave for the night. Britt is going to have to partner up with G.

Steve and Tango go to the cantina in the basement- where the little boy has been seen. They try for some EVPs. Tango suggests that maybe the ghosts don’t speak English and since neither of them speak Spanish, they suggest saying whatever Spanish words they know. Dave really gets into it.


Tango accuses Steve of saying Spanish words with a Jamaican accent, which Steve finds amusing. It doesn’t seem to do anything, but they’re hopeful the EVP will turn something up. They run out of words they know in Spanish, and Steve yells out a final ‘Gracias!’

Britt and Grant take the K2 meter downstairs to maybe talk to the little boy. They also take a flashlight and ask the little boy to turn it on. Sure enough the flashlight comes on and then they ask it to turn it off…..please….and it does. This flashlight is not the push button one they usually use, but one that needs to be twisted on- which makes it even more impressive.

This happens twice so they start using it to answer questions- having him turn on the light for ‘yes’ answers. The area gets really cold and they find out the boy is 8 or 9. The flashlight is freezing when they’re done. G calls it ‘one of the moments you live for’ in the field.

And the left side of your building has a real bad case of what we pros like to call 'Fear Cage', Ma'am.

The Trelles Clinic is next….they’ve seen apparitions there, apparently. They’re doing renovations there- the place used to be a hospital. The owner says that he hopes whatever they find, they take with him. Clearly not a fan of ghosts!

Meanwhile, Jay looks suspiciously like he's not feeling well again.....

In the old pharmacy, a woman felt someone tug on the bottom of her shirt. She thinks it was a child. The owner says some people saw a ghost there and when they described her, he recognized her as the wife of the original owner (he has seen her in pictures). He also had a worker take off running when three big windows shut in front of him one at a time. There’s also some kind of meat grinder in the building that has a story about a man getting his arm caught in it and bleeding to death.

Time for the Investigation! J & G go into the ‘meat grinder’ room and get brave enough to open it….and it’s just a sterilizer, which is readily apparent by

1)opening it,

2)noticing the flush valves on the wall, and

3)reading the big sign on the thing that says STERILIZER.

So the whole ‘bleeding to death’ story couldn’t have happened….as Grant explains it, it would be ‘like getting your hand caught in a toilet and bleeding to death…it’s just not going to happen.’

Leave it to my guys to explain things with a plumbing analogy!


Tango and Steve checking out the windows….Steve makes the case right away that the windows are on a spring mechanism that is probably easily triggered….while trying to demonstrate to Tango…



J & G take the analyzed evidence back to the owner of the place….who you can tell right away does NOT wanna hear nothing about no ghosts!

It would be a reallllll shame if you didn't find anything...yeah, that would be really sad.....dang, what a waste of time!

Rub some dirt on it, pal.

But it’s not to be….since Kris and Amy picked up an EVP---that maybe is the name ‘Juan’ being whispered in one of the rooms they were in.

Suddenly the owner says that the last person who died there during surgery had the same name…I’m confused…did this guy bother to tell us this before?

Whatchoo talking about, Willis?

Jason looks like he’s having doubts about the dude as well….after all, this is the guy who decided something was a meat grinder despite the big sign on it saying STERILIZER.

Whatever…in any case, we have the best footage of the show so far this year….a camera that turns over 200 degrees on its tripod with no explanation. Freaky! J & G admit they have no explanation and that they tried experiments with the camera and tripod to see if they could loosen it to turn- but all the camera did when it was loosened was fall off the tripod. Also there is no shadow on the wall of any kind.

So most things at the Trelles Clinic were debunked, but the camera thing was pretty cool. J & G admit that’s probably a piece of footage they’ll wonder about for a long time. You need to head on over to and check it out!

Time to get back to the East Coast….one last Fist Bump!

Weekly Totals:

Fear Cage! : One

Number of Windows Slamming: three, all Debunked!

Number of Footsteps caught on audio: Approximately Eight

EVP’s: One

Number of Cameras Turning on their own: One

Number of times ‘teasing’ a ghost actually led to communication: Zero (and EC and Amy did nothing but nanee nanee boo boo ghosts all through this show)

Number of times yelling random words in Spanish led to communication: Zero

Number of times using a Jamaican accent to do the above worked: Zero

Number of times saying just saying frickin ‘please’ to ghost worked: One

Number of Incidences of communicating with a flashlight: One

Plumbing Done: I’m going to give them ½ , because G said “leave it to a plumber’ when they discovered the meat grinder was really a sterilizer. They had pretty much figured it out but READING THE FREAKING SIGN ON IT sealed the deal. Which really means more of ‘Leave it to a READER’ but I was glad that plumbing at least made it into a conversation on the show, if nothing else.


Jumbo's Lezis said...

In the Cuban episode while they were getting the tour, I noticed that Jason didn't seem to give a shit, especially when they were in the theater. I guess this could be attributed to his not feeling well. I'm I the only one who thinks that starring hard enough will make he night vision cameras see through shirts? The only thing that could have made the Cuban one better would have been a Scarface poster on the wall.

Mother Firefly said...

I hadn't noticed that but he still wasn't looking 100% in the next one. Too bad he wasn't there for the flashlight.

I don't know about the night vision thing, but you never know....

Scarface posters are a must.

Nikki Duran said...

I was watching a rerun of the Club Dead episode where they went to The Cuban Club and Trelles Clinic....I started tearing up when they were talking about Conchita Trelles because she is my great-great aunt and I'm hoping that one day I can go to the clinic and see where she is haunting and hopefully she is there.