Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ghosthunters go Bowling

It’s the fifth episode of GH….and we’re going bowling!! But not until after………THE PLUMBING IS DONE!!!! For the second time this season, we’re treated to J & G on the job. Does Jesus love me or what, folks???

This time, G carries the emergency TAPS phone…..

Just a faulty gas valve…

Kris tells them about Belcourt Castle in Rhode Island.

J is all Hells to the Yeah, I can make it home for dinner!

Turns out TAPS has investigated this place before….about ten years ago.

I would pay good money for J to come in my house and listen to my paranormal stories with that look on his face.

Charles the Caretaker says that new things have happened since the boys have been there and they’d like them to check it out again. Chuck says he and one of the owners saw a ball of light in the dining room and distortions in the mirrors.

Uh…just as Chuck proclaimed that a HUGE flash of light followed by thunder that shook the house happened…..SPOOKY

Chuck also says that there’s a statue of a monk and there’s been a man in robes seen in the house….and some dude tells us about seeing the image on a TV monitor but then it disappeared. We also have a haunted suit of armor that supposedly turns its head and chairs that give off electricity. We also have a dude who saw the ghost of one of the owners at his funeral. Apparently when TAPS investigated ten years ago, this owner was still alive, so the boys are hoping to get in touch with him.

G thinks the big challenge is knowing what entities are in the house…are they the ones that have been there for years or are they the former owner?

J & G set out and hear footsteps right away….as they follow them they start getting action on the K2 meter and then J captures this on the thermal…

It appears to be a footprint that moves away from them as they move towards it…then it disappears.

much more impressive on TV..

Our favorite comedians Dave and Tango investigate…when Tango announces that he was told he was related to Alexander the great! Which has what to do with anything, I don’t know. They also check out the monk statue.


Then they hear a loud noise above them – Tango goes upstairs and Kris and Amy are up there bumping into chairs. Dangit!

Back to J & G…who keep hearing footsteps, this time in the former owner’s bedroom. J tries to make contact with the K2 meter. J starts talking about the owner and what a great guy he was. The meter lights up and J asks it to do it again, which it does. He asks it to light up the meter if it wants him to leave, and it goes nuts.

Here I am backing away slowly.....

Dave and Tango decide to have fun shining the laser pointer on the chandelier. Dave starts doing some weak beat and Tango finds he can’t help himself.

The first and hopefully the last time we ever see popping and locking on GH.

In the reveal, they show Chuck the thermal and an EVP that may have someone saying ‘yes’ to the question ‘do any of these things belong to you?”

J&G declare the place ‘haunted’ just like they did ten years ago.

Now it’s time for bowling!

They’re told than an employee quit the bowling alley because he felt someone breathing on his neck. Someone else reports breathing noises in a storeroom. Another employee says that a ball was returned through the machines when they were turned off. In the back where the pins are, employees talk about hearing children’s voices and other odd sounds that don’t belong back there. This all comes directly from people that work there, they all sound like the place freaks them out.

J & G decide that the best way to catch ghosts in this place is to play pool. so they set up the K2 meter and rack em up.
G points out that they get some activity but it's not much and it's pretty random.

Now this is what I call ghost huntin'!

Then when that doesn't work, what's the next logical step? That's right, go bowling.

Take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling!

They bowl and get the same results- random flashes on the K2 meter. They also notice that when they shut off the lanes, balls still continue to come through the device. They debunk this as faulty equipment.

And our good friends Dave and Tango end up debunking the 'being watched' feelings at the counter when they discover crazy EMF readings and what do you know....

an electrical panel! Can you spell FEAR CAGE, boys and girls?

J & G decide to check out the closet where noises and 'sighs' are reported. My boys are in this room about all of two seconds when they figure out that ........

TADA! FAULTY PLUMBING! in the form of a leaky flapper. Which is making the 'sighing' sound.

Just lemme fix this shizzle right up....Hee hee! they thought the toliet was a ghost!!!

So this brings us to the reveal. Which is really not much of a reveal at all. Except to say that there's explanations for just about everything and they found zip to suggest that anything paranormal is going on.

Basically, you got a bunch of sissies working for you.

Not much else to do at this point but......
That's right! FIST BUMP! And we're out....

EVP'S - One.
Creepy Monks- One
Thermal Footprints that move- One
Footsteps: Tons
Debunked bowling ball machines;One
Fear Cage! - One
Toliets that Sigh Like Dead People: One
and.....most importantly
Plumbing done: TWICE!
Join in me doing celebratory plumbing cartwheels as we get ready for the next episode of GH!

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Jumbo's Lezis said...

it was kind of a lame episode. ive got a tivo full in damian's room of the rest of the season, I need to catch up.