Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Downstairs Bedroom Activity

I have a story about something that happened to me in the same room my mom had an experience. I was living there alone and one night when I was sleeping...and dreaming- about what, I'm not sure. All I remembered was that I saw a giant computer keyboard (or else I was very close to one) and one finger going towards the board to hit the 'Enter' button. As soon as the button was pushed, I was aware of being in my body- I felt like I just 'landed' hard into it- or was pulled hard into it.

At the same time as I felt that, it was like the LOUDEST biggest semi was going by the house- I could feel the house tremble and the lights were shining in the room- and I also remember that it was followed by another impossibly loud sound with lights- as I was waking up, I thought it was a truck followed by an EXTREMELY loud motorcycle.

As I started coming into wakefulness, I felt shaky and disoriented. Later-I don't know if was later that night, or the next day- I realized that there was nothing that would have been that loud or that bright. I don't know that we'll ever have a really good answer about what happened to me or my mom, but since those experiences, I have read other people's stories that recount almost the same thing. Some people also feel 'held down' or see people or scary things in their rooms.

The psychic Sylvia Browne has said she has heard many people tell her the same story (and I also had a friend -who also lived in Marlette when this happened- tell me his little brother got out of bed one night and told his family a very similar experience)
Anyway, Sylvia's theory is that when this happens, we're leaving our bodies and making a less than smooth re-entrance. This startles people and we hear the loud sounds, see the lights - basically it feels like things are very chaotic and scary around us, because we're scared and we're not fully aware enough in our bodies to understand what is going on.

I tend to side with her explanation-partly because it feels 'right' to me AND also I read her explanation after I had my experience. Seeing the 'enter' button being pushed just before this happened also makes me think I was out of my body.

Another reason I think I was out of my body has to do with another thing that started to happen to me when I lived in Marlette. If I went to sleep, and happened to be woke up prematurely, (usually in the first half hour or so of going to sleep) I'd wake up 'trembling' -feeling like my whole body was shaking very very slightly. I often wondered if someone touched me, they'd feel it- or if it was only in my head- but I know that I didn't have full awareness of what was going on around me until the trembling stopped.

I've lived in Milwaukee for over six years, and the trembling has followed me here- unlike many other things that only seemed to happen in that house- so that also makes me think that what happened was an out of body experience. I've also had other experiences precede the trembling- like seeing my arm (but not my real arm, which was laying beside me) up in the air and then suddenly pulled down very fast back into me when something woke me suddenly. Once I also thought I was in the kitchen going through a cupboard, when a noise or something woke me, and then I was in my body, trembling.

Sadly, I've noticed since starting school that the trembling happens more and more infrequently. Interestingly enough, my sleep has also gotten shittier! I used to be able to sleep through the whole night- now I sleep 3-4 hours at a time. I usually get up, move around, and then go back to bed. Not real restful and apparently not conducive to trembling. I've also read since then that trembling or shaking can accompany OBEs.

I'm hoping as my school responsibilities let up this summer that maybe things I used to love, like sleeping an entire night! and the trembling, will come back.

See you in the am for a GH review!
Mother F

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