Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ghosthunters- Wharton Estate

And we’re off!… the third episode of GH.

And we begin….with omg…….no…it can’t be…..

Yes, my friends, it’s…..PLUMBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, yeah, daddy, with real wrenches and everything. J is handing G some big old wrench when the emergency TAPS phone he always carries rings. Kris is calling the Jaymeister telling him they have the Edith Wharton estate to check out. J thinks that sounds like a plan, G fixes the plumbing, and after a check to make sure things are running….the guys pick up their tools and we’re on our way to TAPS.

Holy Haunted Wharton Estate??......We're ON IT!!!!!

Kris says the place is huge. J and G decide they’re going to need extra help on this one. I can only hope it’s not so big they gotta call in Brian. Keep him on GH International.

They arrive and get the scoop. The house was built by Wharton to use as a retreat and entertain her friends. It was also owned by a girls school and a theater company.

We have a few first hand experiences recounted on video tape by people in the theater company. One woman said during a performance, she saw a man in a top c

oat who asked her ‘What’s all this ruckus?’ Not that unusual but his mouth didn’t move when he talked and then he disappeared into thin air. She said she read about Wharton later and identified the man as one of her lovers.

Another theater person who heard children’s voices outside playing…girl’s voices …and then of course there was nothing there. Another man tells a story about hearing someone walk down the hall and stop at his door- only to find nobody there.

In the stable, a workman saw a man watching him, and one of the employees heard footsteps and again, nobody there. I’m encouraged, most of these stories are first- hand, which my theory (yet to be proven) means the guys are more likely to find activity.

Britt from Ca is joining the investigation this time….and he has new equipment! He tells the story about hearing and feeling the vibrations of footsteps and not having a way to document that – so he’s come up with a machine to detect movement and vibration.

Also he has an EMF meter hooked up to something that emits a sound like a buzzing noise- so if the EMF is high, the buzzing will be louder.
Lots O' Ghosthunters.

J & G start in the mansion dining room and it isn’t long before they’re hearing footsteps above them. They go upstairs and hear something that sounds like a bowling ball being dropped. Then in another room they find something with the thermal that looks like a handprint.

They decide to use the new equipment while they listen again for footsteps.

Sometimes you just have to take a nap during these long investigations.....

Kristen and Britt go to the cottage and do EVP work, and also put one of the Geophones down. Then they hear some freaky ass noise sounded like someone yelling….Help or Help me….they go searching and whoops….

It ends up being nothing but a server in another room making a lot of noise.

That’s what I love about my peeps- they hear something freaky, they go TOWARDS it. Unlike me.

Then we have the one my brother calls ‘eye candy’ in the mansion attic with Amy. They notice there’s no drafts or movement of air. They h ear a little rustling and check it out, but Amy tells the spirits ‘you gotta do better than that, chumps’. Or she said something like that. Shortly after that she thought she felt someone pat her on the head. EC stands where Amy was standing and asks that someone pat her on the head too!
J & G to the attic. Its time to get the K2 out. J starts reading out of an old yearbook to see if that would get anything going, but no luck.

Yippee! It’s Dave and Tango time. D/T are like the comic relief of the show. Like the classic comedy team of ghosthunting, if you will. Much like we always have the part of the show where the TAPS office girl ‘explains’ the case to J & G, we always have the midpoint in the investigation where Dave tells Tango about some of the history of the place they’re at.

Or, Dave tells Tango that he has a special light for his head wh en it’s really a tiara. Then he lets him walk around with it on his head till the other guys ask him why he’s wearing a tiara. Those wacky guys! Anyway, Tango feels ‘funny’ in this room and asks D for the EMF meter. Turns out there’s really high readings, and they trace them back to some electrical equipment. Dave says he knew that people could be sensitive to high EMF like that, but it’s the first time he’s ever experienced it. Mini-Fear Cage, Anyone?

Then J&G check out the stables with Britt. Time to get out the K2 again. G calls the fellas in another room because he saw a shadow like someone looking in the doorway.

D/T in the dining room…..Dave tells T about the man who talked to the theater person. Tango says what scares him more is a floating head that’s screaming but you can’t hear anything. D says that’s a banshee. T imagines how cool that would be, if one of those just showed up in the room right now. D sez, ‘You so crazy’

Dude, if a floating head just turned up here screaming, that would be soooo freakin' SWEET


and then they start addressing the spirit who talked- and D decides maybe what they could do is make a lot of noise and try to disturb him. so of course they run around the table in cirucles and bang on things and clap their hands (and WHAT did I just say about comic relief???)

I smell a clip for the Halloween ‘best of ‘ show!

We wrap up, T/G analyze the stuff, and J & G go back to lay out the findings…. Turns out there’s not a ton of stuff besides everyone hearing a lot of footsteps and other misc noises…and the ‘head in the doorway’ and the mysterious handprint on the wall.

One thing J & G noticed about this handprint was that it was unusually LARGE.
Like, freaking big, dude. It was all, rarrrrrrrrrr........

And then I was all, Whoaaaaa, that hand is HUGE, J!

Seriously. It was one BIG hand. Like Bigfoot size. We're SO not even joking.

During the 'big hand' conversation, Grant reveals that his fingers can stretch pretty far (due to his piano playing abilities) and even he couldn't fill out the handprint.

Piano playing? In addition to being like, master plumbers, Italian chefs, AND Ghosthunters? Christ, what can't these guys do? Let's get them working on world peace during the hiatus!

this week we only have the one investigation, so it's time to get in the van and have the wrap up while the credits roll....looks like J and G are gonna rate this investigation as 'very good'. Only one thing left to do.....

FIST BUMP! And we're outta here.....

Number of doors opening (debunked as wind) -One

Number of potential orbs identified as insects -One

Number of odd noises that had no explanation -Many

Number of heads popping in the doorway seen by J -Two (Same one twice)

Number of Fear Cages! ½ ( a mini Fcage?)

Number of times footsteps were caught on Audio –One

Number of times actual plumbing was done- One (SCORE!)


Jumbo's Lezis said...

Another good episode down and many more to come. I think J&G are making a bad name for plumbers out there, because they are showing that things can be fixed the first time. Funny too when his phone rings and he says "its kris", it sounds like he says "jesus christ", almost like the phone was an annoyance. I think Tango is great on the show, but he definitely needs to be paired with someone whom isn't as afraid as him. I remember when Bryan used to take him around and run from everything, made Tango look bad. The episode after this one looks really good. I have it on my Tivo but will wait for Michele to post, she rocks at the screencaps. Oh and the hand was cool, but it didnt rock J that it was twice as big. Wait till they find a pair of over sized ghost nuts on a chair, then J will perk up.

Mother Firefly said...

LOL Ghost nuts. Well, here's hoping.

I see the new ep is on Hulu so I will be getting to it in the next 24 hours.

Tango is easily influenced - and you're right about Brian- which I why I miss him ZERO. It seemed like at least five minutes of every show was devoted to his drama. And at least once during every show we'd see him over react to what ended up being nothing.

And you're right, the hand wasn't that big of a deal, but I had to mention how it brought out Grant's bit of trivia on playing the piano.

Ghost Nuts!

Jumbo's Lezis said...

lol, I wasnt saying the hand shouldnt be brought up, It was just me lead in to J's big balls, lol. I think everything should be discussed, no matter how small.

Mother Firefly said...

well, there is some better stuff next week. No glow in the dark balls yet, but I'll keep waiting....