Monday, November 9, 2009

Ghost Lab -Are you Watching It?

I have to admit that when I first heard about this show, I thought - dang, ANOTHER ghost show? But I checked out the first episode and I've been hooked ever since.

Brad and Barry Klinge and their team do the usual ghosthunting stuff that we've come to expect, like collecting EVPs, trying to provoke activity, and using all the usual equipment.

But what they also do is explore the bigger theories behind why paranormal activity is happening in the first place. This week, for example, they examined the idea that moving water increases the likelihood of increased paranormal activity. They also talked to an engineer about how water conducts electricity - and learned that pure water is a poor conductor - it's actually the impurities in the water that increase conductivity.

They went to Nottoway Plantation in Louisiana, a place noted for its paranormal activity and also for being situated on the Mississippi River. (One of the brothers also saw an apparition in the house while on a group tour). The group did an analysis of the water in the Mississippi as compared to bottled water. The results - bottled water barely registered a blip for conductivity, while the Mississippi River water was off the charts. They also noticed that the only part of the house visible from the water was the third story - where an appartition has been seen several times from a window on that floor. So they decided to measure the levels of EMF from the water to the house - and were amazed to find that they could chart a direct line of EMF from the river - to the third story window. They also used this theory at another destination later in the show, the Metro rock club in Chicago - and found running water associated with that place as well.

Watch the video 'Evidence of Energy' on the list here.

In past shows, they've explored whether or not heightened levels of fear increase the likelihood of paranormal activity, or if places with a history of violent past affect the mood and temperament of the people who spend time there.

I don't think it's a better show than Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures (my two favorites), it's just a different focus and different equipment. If it were the same as the others, I might feel like it was overkill - after all, how many ghost shows can a girl watch a week?

You can also watch the first full episode here.

I also have to mention the last episode of Destination Truth and the hunt for the Yeti - how cool was the hair they found? That episode should be showing up on the website here soon. I guess we're done for the year and won't see new episodes till next March.

Plus I just wanted an excuse to post a picture of Mr. Yummy Pants, er, um, Josh Gates.

Sigh......March 2010 seems so far away......

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