Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ghost Cat????

I think it's fair to say that as long as I've lived in this house with Papa Cash (almost 7 years) that I've never experienced any paranormal activity associated with it. Which is fine, I don't need to live with ghosts and I already lived in a house that had ALL kinds of spooky (thus the name of this blog and what ALL the bloggers linked to it have in common - whether by actual house or street).

But this house has been quiet since I've been here - except for a few occasional odd experiences which always seemed to come in pairs. Meaning I'd have an experience, and then Papa Cash would (or vice versa) and we wouldn't know of the other's experience until one of us mentioned it - and they always had occured within a day or two of the other.

Interestingly, all the experiences seemed attributed to something an animal might do -or more specifically, what a cat might do. And they all took place when we just had one cat - nothing has happened since we got Cat #2 and #3. For instance, I'd be in the living room and repeatedly think I saw Ash walk in the room - or walk out - only to find he was curled up sleeping behind me on the back of the couch. Then Papa Cash would tell me that he thought Ash came in the room and jumped up on the bed - when nothing was there.

Once when my friends from Michigan visited (one is clairvoyant) she remarked that a cat had just walked in the room - a short haired grey cat. I've had two cats that have passed on, but neither was grey, and both had long hair. Then I remembered P. C. telling me about a cat he had many years ago - a cat that taught itself to pee in the toliet (!) and also that he had to find a new home for the cat when he got busted by the landlord. (He also found out later that the cat continued to use the toliet in his new home and also cried till someone came and flushed the toliet. He was kind of relieved that the cat had a new home because he wasn't crazy about having to go flush the toliet for a cat). But according to him, the cat was very attached to him - would sleep on him at night and followed him everywhere and watched everything he did - thus the teaching itself to use the toliet- Mr. Kitty followed him in THERE too.

So I asked P.C. what that cat looked like - and Holy Shit, that cat was short haired - and grey. Now - I had heard the story about the cat many times but I'd never asked what the cat looked like. And my friend who saw ghost kitty did NOT know the story at all. And P.C. had the kitty before he was married or had a son, so it was at least over 20 years ago. Chances were good that kitty had went to heaven by now. So I felt like the ghostly cat visits were explained.

I had forgotten about these experiences - after all, they weren't really scary, just interesting. And after my friend saw him, and we put all that together, it pretty much stopped. Maybe kitty was just content to know we recognized him? Although in the weeks before my other kitties came to live with us, I did have quite a few instances of thinking I was seeing a cat out of the corner of my eye -when none were there.

Last weekend I was working at my desk - which is in the living room and faces a wall. Out of my peripheral vision I can see into my kitchen - off of which is P.C.'s office. His door was open and one of my cats loves to hang out in there on his desk. Repeatedly I thought I kept seeing Ash (my black cat) walk between the kitchen and the office. Repeatedly I looked and he wasn't there.

That didn't really phase me till yesterday - when I was sitting on the couch - Ash and Nissa sleeping on either side of me, Puff sleeping in the bedroom with P.C. - when I distinctly heard a cat use the scratching mats on the floor in the corner of the living room. It's a very distinct sound. I was awake, not drowsy, not dozing, and all three cats were accounted for - and none of them even close to the pad. It wasn't even a matter of- did I just hear that? I heard it, I recognized it, and it persisted for about five to ten seconds. There wasn't anything else in the room - and the noise was clearly in the room with me - that I could attribute it to.

Since P.C. was sleeping, I wasn't able to tell him and it slipped my mind until he went to go to bed today. He had no cats in the bedroom with him and the door was closed. He wasn't in bed five minutes until he came out and said, Okay....something just jumped up on the bed and walked a circle around me - like Puff does a lot of the time.
Of course then I shared my story - also realizing that this is how it used to happen before - in pairs, and both of us having seperate experiences without knowledge of the other's.

I tend to think that this visitor is probably his old friend again - since he's been seen here, and since it apparently likes to get in bed with him. I'm tempted to break out the EMF meter and try to get a measurement if it happens again. Or maybe a picture.

An interesting side note - I shared this story with a couple of friends at art class tonight and one of them also mentioned that she thought she was being visited (just recently, coincidentally enough) by one of her deceased animal friends as well. She attributed it to the time of year - the veils being thinner and all that.

What about the rest of you? Anyone else ever have a pet or animal visitation?

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